Lawn Renovation

Do any, or all, of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • Thousands of dollars are spent on lawn care with the same problems persisting
  • Hours and hours of hard work with poor or average results
  • Inexperienced or so-called “professional” lawn care operations improperly diagnosing the problems with your lawn.
  • Wasted resources (water, unnecessary fertilization applicatons, etc)
  • The wrong type of grass species or sod application

Issues to consider during a lawn renovation:

  • Are there perennial weeds in the lawn? (Bermuda grass, nimblewill)
  • Thatch depth (If greater than ½ inch, the lawn should come out)
  • The amount of sun and shade
  • Landscape groundcovers instead of grass in some areas
  • The type of trees
  • Type of existing grass
  • Soil conditions and the balance of nutrients
  • Seed or Sod?

Here’s what Down to Earth Inc. can do for you.
As you can see, there are many issues to be addressed when considering an upgrade or totally renovating a lawn. I have only touched on a few of the basics that would be involved during a consultation.
Give us a call and let our 40 years in the field work for you.

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